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Now on Whatsapp and Zoom

A new approach to helping with hoarding and the problems it can cause for people trying to cope with the clutter of life.

Meet the most interesting, generous, thoughtful, artistic, intelligent, environmentally aware, community spirited, bravest and amazing people you will ever meet in your life, people just like you!

Hoarding has no boundaries and affects all ages and all communities, Smash welcomes anyone who has issues with hoarding big or small.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits with friendly faces, more than just a support group, working with peer to peer support on an emotional and practical level for a happier future, addressing issues with friends who understand because they share the issues and the goals.

A place to unload with those who understand and a place to start being you again



When: Due to the current Covid-19 situation the Smash group have postboned physical meetings until futher notice however we are still running on Whatsapp and holding meetings on Zoom, send us a message to find out how to take part.

Now on Zoom and Whatsapp